Planet Suffolk: Bringing together the Suffolks of the world

                                           Welcome to Planet Suffolk

The aim of Planet Suffolk is to bring together all the places called Suffolk around the world, & to become a comprehensive database chronicling the history, geography, people, events & interesting facts of each Suffolk around the globe.  Please also visit my other website, which details the Ipswiches of the world & the various other things that have been named after Ipswich.

Don’t know how many Suffolks there are around the globe, or where they are located? Just go to the Which Suffolk? page for details. The main populated places each have their own page, so once you’ve found the particular Suffolk you’re looking for, click into the relevant page for all the details. Some of the officially designated places are in close proximity to another Suffolk, and their details will be found under the main entry (e.g. Lac Suffolk near Saint-Émile-de-Suffolk will be found on the page for the latter).  All other topographical features bearing the name Suffolk will be found on sub-pages under the Other Suffolks page, as will some of the minor populated places that are not associated with another Suffolk.  Other places that may be of historic interest will also be found on the Other Suffolks page, e.g. Suffolk House in Penang. Also included is a page entitled The Ones That Got Away, which features places that were once called Suffolk but have since had a change of name.

As well as the places called Suffolk, there are various other things named after Suffolk. I have created separate pages for the Suffolk sheep & the Suffolk Punch horse; both of which are well known throughout the world. The page Ships Named Suffolk is constantly being updated as more ships with the word Suffolk in their name come to light. There is also a page called Suffolk Misc., which catalogues various things that have been named after Suffolk, together with references to Suffolk that don’t fit into any other category.

I would be grateful to my fellow South Folk from across the planet for any information, feedback or constructive criticism that will help build up a databank of all things Suffolk. If you see any errors then please let me know. Or if you feel that there is something about ‘your’ Suffolk that I’ve failed to cover, please send me details & I will try to rectify this omission. You can contact me through the Guestbook or by emailing Any photographs of ‘your’ Suffolk that I could post onto the site would be most welcome.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Special thanks is due to Malcolm Doyle, whose tireless work & meticulous research has produced many of the articles on this site, especially, but not exclusively, the pieces detailing the origins of many of the smaller Suffolks & how they came to be so named.